Three Phase Automatic Voltage Stabilizer/ Controller

APFC Panel
APFC Panel


In today’s industrial landscape, where machinery and operations are increasingly sophisticated, the demand for stable and reliable power is paramount. Binary Engineering rises to the occasion with its Three-Phase Automatic Voltage Stabilizer / Controller, designed to deliver unwavering power across a wide range of applications. Catering to systems from 10 KVA to 1500 KVA, this solution is an indispensable ally for industries aiming to achieve peak performance and efficiency.

Working Principle

The Three-Phase Automatic Voltage Stabilizer / Controller operates on an advanced electronic control circuit that continuously monitors the input voltage for any fluctuations. Utilizing state-of-the-art transformers that adjust the voltage dynamically, ensures that the output voltage is consistently within the desired range. This active regulation helps in maintaining the stability of the power supplied to your equipment, minimizing the risk of voltage spikes or drops that could potentially harm sensitive machinery.

Our Voltage Controllers are engineered to perfection, covering a broad spectrum from 10 KVA to 1500 KVA for three-phase systems. They boast high efficiency, with minimal power loss, and are capable of stabilizing voltage over a wide input range, ensuring reliability under varied power supply conditions. Their robust construction and cutting-edge technology make them an ideal choice for demanding industrial environments.

Why Choose Binary Engineering

Binary Engineering stands out in the realm of power quality solutions with our pioneering Three Phase Voltage Stabilizers. Our commitment to innovation, coupled with a deep understanding of industrial needs, allows us to offer products that are not just solutions but a guarantee of stability, efficiency, and longevity. Our customer-centric approach, inclusive of comprehensive after-sales support, makes us the partner of choice for industries across the spectrum.

Applications across Industries

These Voltage Stabilizers find their application in a multitude of sectors, including manufacturing, healthcare, IT data centres, and telecommunications. They are particularly beneficial in environments where three-phase power is a backbone, such as in large manufacturing plants, commercial buildings, and critical infrastructure facilities, ensuring that operations proceed without interruption or damage due to unstable voltage.


Employing a Three-Phase Automatic Voltage Stabilizer / Controller from Binary Engineering brings with it a slew of advantages: enhanced protection for your machinery, improved power efficiency, reduction in electricity bills, and a significant decrease in the risk of downtime. Moreover, the longevity of your equipment is markedly increased, safeguarding your investment and ensuring continuous operation.


The Three-Phase Automatic Voltage Stabilizer / Controller by Binary Engineering represents the zenith of power stabilization technology. With a range covering 10 KVA to 1500 KVA, these stabilizers are tailored to meet the exigent demands of modern industries, providing a seamless, stable power supply. Embrace the Binary Engineering advantage and set your operations on the path to unmatched efficiency and reliability.